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What is BMOT?

BMOT is the official Utility token of Bull Network Organization. The ultimate goals of Bull Members Organization token (BMOT) is to be the all – in – one solution and offer a wide array of services from the market to finance and a self-sustaining system for innovative projects such as START-UP.

The Uses & Benefit of BMOT Holders

Instant Exchange

BMOT token holders can instantly swap any currency of their choice.


Stake BMOT and earn passive income every single day.


Use BMOT to pay for products or services online.

The Roadmap

It’s been a fun trip

December 2020

Research & Development

The origin of the BMOT platform idea. Development concept and business plan.

February 2021

Proof of concept

Development of BMOT platform model and use case integration, whitepaper, and official website. Website launch and partnership for adoption.

March 2021

Bounty Sale

Trading in, presale rounds for new onboarded investors, stakeholders, and people from the community.

April 2021

MVP Platform

Launch of Bull Network 24AIG (24hours Autopilot Income Generator), and startup idea for other products.

July 2021

Global market expansion

Coming in partnership terms with various businesses, brands, people for adoption of BMOT token

Distribution of tokens

Fair token distribution for our backers


Sold during Pre-Sale Round 1


Sold During Presale Round 2




Bull Network Team

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BMOT Bounty Sale

BMOT Bounty Sale

  • April 30, 2021 – 12pm
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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Bull Network Organization?

Bull Network Organization is an Non-governmental Organization (NGO) that her goal is to provide top notch internet services, and also educate. and assist businesses, brands, and individuals to achieve attainable business goals.

What is a BMOT Token?

BMOT is the offical token of Bull Network Organization. It will serve as a means of exchange of value for members of her ecosystem.

What are the Use Cases of BMOT Token

You can use the BMOT token to exchange to any other cryptocurrency of your choice such as (BTC, Waves, USDT). Also, you can use BMOT token to buy products and pay for services online for example. you can purchase hosting and domain from using BMOT token.

What is the total Supply of BMOT token?

The total supply of BMOT token is 1 million

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