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What is Bull Bloggers & SEO Association all About

It no doubts Blogging and SEO is one of the top trending digital hustle in Africa, especially in Nigeria as a country, this is as a result of past successes of people like Linda Ikeji, that has inspired a lot of people to venture into blogging as a full or part-time hustle.

But then, the technical know-how of people varies, lack of knowledge of blogging and SEO, and the availability of premium tools required for one to have a successful blogging career is readily available to all.

This as a result makes blogging seems so difficult, and very hard for newbies to generate revenue from their passion.

Introducing Bull Bloggers & SEO Association

Bull Bloggers & SEO association is a digital community formed by Bull Network Organization that aims at assisting bloggers, and SEO’s across the world with the rightful knowledge of blogging and SEO, support, and income generation to help sustain and help newbies to grow in their career hassle-free.

This association is inspired by Johnmiracle Ejikeme, a profound 4years experienced blogger who has achieved a living through Blogging and SEO, and knowing what works and what doesn’t, and the disadvantages that fall on newbies to get in the game fully decided to launch the Bull Bloggers & SEO to carry even the lowest blogger along on the pathway to a successful blogging career.

He planned to achieve this not by just providing the right blogging knowledge but also he devises a medium and partnered with Harmonweb to help eradicate the cost of hosting a blog, generating revenue, and maintaining a blog in the long run.

The Aim of Bull Bloggers & SEO

The sole aim of Bull Bloggers and SEO is as follows:

  • To educate bloggers with the rightful blogging knowledge
  • To eradicate the cost associated with running a blog
  • To provide fast action SEO techniques
  • To make necessary premium blogging tools available even for the least bloggers
  • Mentorships for bloggers
  • Revenue generation for bloggers

How to Become a Member of Bull Bloggers & SEO

Becoming a bull blogger and SEO member doesn’t require a lot of tasks or a specific registration process. To join the association you only need to have an active staking account in the Bull Network Organization token economics (BMOT).

The plan to choose for your staking depends on your choice, your staking on the contrary isn’t an investment or purchase, either way, it is used to cater for your (hosting, domain, daily revenue) throughout your stay in the bull bloggers & SEO association.

To learn how to stake, check out this guide BMOT STAKING TUTORIAL

Why Are You Staking

In respect to cater for your hosting, domain, and generating revenue for bloggers continously, the Bull Network Organization needs to ensure there’s money coming into the association that will be able to cater for the needs of all her members.

With the help of BMOT token, we can cater for the daily revenue for our bull bloggers, and with partnership with Harmonweb, we can cater for the hosting, and domain of our bull bloggers.

So you’re staking to get a share of the BMOT token to activated your economy with the Bull Network, it is from your economy you are going to get all the money benefit from the organization as a whole.

So therefore, staking is necessary to keep the organization alive, to work more for your success.

Snapshot of Activities in the Bull Bloggers & SEO

Here’s a sneak peek into the Bull Bloggers & SEO Association 5-month-old blog, and some of our live training section.

The Benefit of Bull Bloggers & SEO Members

  • Get your blogging issues fixed at ease
  • Free pro consultation
  • Constant daily/monthly revenue
  • Constant practical Blogging & SEO education/training
  • Free Hosting and Domain paid for
  • Free blog promotion
  • Future bull network product access
  • Get premium themes and other resources cheap or absolutely free

Join our Bloggers Facebook group —-

For Further Enquiries Call/Whatsapp — Johnmiracle +2349061741954

Final Verdict

The Bull Bloggers & SEO is an idea of the Bull Network Organization to make blogging fun and passionate as it ought to be. But then, we can’t achieve that without you.

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