How Blockchain Projects Can take Advantage of the Huge Cryptocurrency Adoption In Africa
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How Blockchain Projects Can take Advantage of the Huge Cryptocurrency Adoption In Africa

Cryptocurrency enthusiasts in Africa are having a great time as cryptocurrency adoption in Africa continues to grow despite the criticism from the government. 

According to some reports, there are significant numbers of people in Africa who are not connected to traditional banking systems. The number is enough to make Africa a fertile market for cryptocurrency use at home and abroad.

The growing cryptocurrency adoption in Africa is a significant reason for any crypto and blockchain project to create awareness of their project in the African region.

This article entails guides and tips on how to leverage cryptocurrency adoption in Africa. But before we go further, let’s check out how strong the adoption of crypto in Africa is. 

Cryptocurrency Adoption In Africa Continue To Grow Despite Government Criticism

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Cryptocurrency adoption in Africa has been growing despite government criticism. Cryptocurrency has gained a lot of popularity across the world, especially in countries where there are problems with the local economy or currency value.

It is no surprise that many Africans are now turning to Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies for help. 

There are, however, instances of government criticism of cryptocurrency, such as in Nigeria where the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) recently announced that cryptocurrencies were not legal tender. However, crypto adoption continues to grow on the continent.

This has been aided by the economic instability that is currently happening in many African countries leading to a lack of trust in their local fiat. 

Many more people are now turning to crypto as a way to store value and avoid government interference. Despite this, many governments have looked down on cryptocurrency and even made attempts to ban it.

The high rate of interest in Bitcoin was recently shown through an analysis of Google search trends. The data from the analysis showed that Nigeria was among the top countries with crypto-related searches worldwide. 

The nation was followed by South Africa and Ghana respectively when it comes to Bitcoin-related searches. Kenya and Uganda also follow suit.

The increase in the search for crypto on Google shows that more African people are interested in cryptocurrency than ever before. Even though most African governments have been against cryptocurrencies, people are still looking for ways to learn more about them and even use them despite this.

In addition to this, there is also an increase in the number of crypto exchange platforms operating in African countries. Several platforms have emerged in Nigeria, South Africa, Kenya, and soon.

Increment Of Crypto Usage In Africa

The number of Africans who have access to banks and other financial institutions is still very low, with only a tiny percent of the continent’s population being able to get access to loans, insurance, and other financial services. This means that there is still a huge gap that needs to be filled by innovative technologies. 

This can mean good news for cryptocurrency or blockchain projects that are looking for countries with growing adoption rates.

According to a statistical report, mobile phone usage has completely changed how people live their lives in African countries. 

But it has also made it easier for Africans to access bitcoin and other digital currencies even if they do not have bank accounts or credit cards. A report says that crypto usage has grown tremendously over the years due to its simplicity, speed, and low fees.

The challenge is mainly on increasing the penetration of cryptocurrency in Africa and the government should be left with no choice but to embrace it. This will help save the economy of Africa from being unstable. The current economic situation in Africa shows how much we need a new financial solution to keep up with the rest of the world.

How To Leverage Cryptocurrency Adoption In Africa

The goal of every crypto project is to dominate the continent and countries where there’s a high rate of crypto adoption, hence, a reason to leverage cryptocurrency adoption in Africa.

One major strategy or tactic to get your crypto project recognized by Africans is to create awareness of your project in the targeted African country.

However, Nigerians and some other African countries are mostly interested in cryptocurrency and they love it when they see an innovative and intriguing product or project using blockchain technology. 

Promoting a crypto project in Africa is one of the most important things to do. This is because there are very many people in Africa who love to invest their money in cryptocurrencies. 

So how can you leverage the crypto adoption in Africa to create awareness about your project?

Marketing or promotional strategies to let them get to know about and use your project are listed below:

1. Create an Africa Community for your Blockchain Project

It is important to consider the target audience you are going after. To have a successful campaign and raise funds, you need to attract people who will be interested in your project.

The first step towards this goal is building a community around your project. It all starts with creating a community on Discord, Telegram and Facebook (if you already have one) and then expanding it by inviting people who might be interested in what you are doing.

Building an African community is a great initiative if you want to create awareness about your project in the African region, it helps in making your project intriguing as the African people will feel more important when there’s a separately created community for them. 

Another way to go about this is to reach out to a variety of crypto communities in Africa and host an AMA session in their community so that the community members will get to know about your project.

2. Hire African Crypto KOL

Africa is a continent rich in potential, but it is also home to more than 1.2 billion people, most of whom are unbanked.

Africa has the world’s fastest-growing internet population.

So what does this mean for you as a crypto project owner?

It means that there is a huge market opportunity for your crypto project.

But how do you reach this market?

One of the best ways to reach Africa’s crypto community is through KOLs – known as a Key Opinion Leaders. 

These are people who have large social media followings and can drive your project forward with their stamp of approval.

A cryptocurrency KOL (Key Opinion Leader) is a person who has an influential status on social media. They have thousands of followers and their opinion can influence the market. They are also called “influencers” and they have the power to drive African investors to your project.

Why Do You Need Africa KOLs?

The main reason why you need Africa KOLs for your blockchain project is that they can effectively educate their fellow African people to have an interest in your project.

If you have a cryptocurrency project that you want to reach the African market, then you need to get your message out there as much as possible. 

The Internet is filled with millions of project websites and it is difficult for people to find your site if it does not rank high enough in search engines like Google. 

This is where KOLs come into play: they will help you get more exposure by sharing content about your project with their followers via social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

People will see their posts about your business and become interested in what you have to offer them. The more people that know about your project, the more people will buy into it!

3. Host Blockchain Meetups Event in Africa

You can host a meetup event where people can come together to discuss their ideas about cryptocurrency and how it can help them make money in different ways and also revolutionize the traditional system.

This will also allow you to interact with potential investors whom you may want to recruit for your project later on.

4. Ambassador Program

One of the most important elements of cryptocurrency marketing is the creation of ambassadors for your project. This is a great way to get the word out about your company and product, as well as spread the word about your cryptocurrency.

An ambassador is someone who represents a brand or organization by spreading awareness about it. They do this by sharing information about the brand on social media, attending events and doing interviews, creating videos, and more.

Ambassadors act as a link between companies and their target audience, which means they’re a vital part of any marketing strategy.

If you are a crypto project owner, then you know the importance of having an ambassador program.

This is because it will help in the growth of your crypto project and also make it easier for people to understand what you are trying to achieve.

The Africa ambassador program is a great way to help your crypto project gain traction in Africa. The continent has a growing population of billions of people, and it’s one of the fastest-growing regions in the world.

The African continent is also home to some of the most advanced blockchain companies and developers in the world. 

The African crypto community is also very passionate about supporting local startups, so they’re often eager to get involved with projects that can benefit their communities directly.

Why Should You Have An Ambassador Program?

  • It helps you find influencers within the African community who can help spread awareness about your project in the African region.
  • It increases brand awareness among different communities, including ones that might not be familiar with your project yet.
  • Ambassadors help create content that resonates with their communities.

5. Press Release

Press releases are one of the big factors that can help you to reach a targeted audience –  a popular media that people visit the most can be an ideal way of creating awareness about your project, especially if it’s a media website that has a huge percentage of traffic from Africa.

How To Easily Penetrate The African Crypto Market

Africa is a continent full of opportunities. It has the youngest population in the world, with about 80 percent of its 1.2 billion people under 35 years old. Africa also boasts some of the fastest-growing economies in the world, and this is attracting more entrepreneurs than ever before.

As a result, many blockchain startups are working on projects focused on improving life in Africa. 

However, it can be challenging to build a successful project if you don’t understand how the continent works and what its people want – especially if you aim to leverage cryptocurrency adoption in Africa.

Meanwhile, African marketing agencies can help you execute different promotions and marketing strategies to create awareness of your project in Africa.

Bull Network agency is a good fit for this as we’ve worked with different crypto projects that wish to leverage the cryptocurrency adoption in Africa, and we’ve delivered a proven and effective result. Bull Network team comprises experienced digital marketers, copywriters, SEO specialists, SEO content writers, YouTubers, Project managers, Community managers et,c.

Bull Network will provide you with an Africa KOL, reach out to different crypto communities, and also help you execute the very best marketing strategy to make sure your project dominates the African market.

We can provide valuable insight and advice on your project which may help you to increase its reach and make it more successful.

Here are some ways in which Bull Network Agency can help your cryptocurrency project:

  • Community building
  • Increased visibility
  • Project awareness
  • Increased traffic


Many projects are launching daily in the crypto space which signifies so much competition – hence, a project owner aims to find out how to stand out from the crowd. And the only way to achieve this is to execute proven marketing agencies.

However, a marketing agency could help you reduce the burden and make your project a success easily because an agency always comprises a variety of experts in the industry.

That’s we are focused on marketing, devoted to helping crypto & blockchain projects drive growth through valuable and engaging customer engagement penetrating the African market with ease.