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BMOT Bounty Sale

  • Date April 30, 2021
  • Time 12pm
  • Location

Bull Members Organization Token (BMOT) is currently on a Bounty sale for new investors and those who feel they haven’t bagged enough BMOT tokens, in anticipation of our pump in May 2021.

BMOT is the official token for the Bull Network Organization, an African Largest Crypto – Digital Agency.

BMOT is 100% decentralized utility asset in the digital industry.

BMOT will be used for payment of utility bills, and buying of products or services (like purchasing hosting from can be possible with BMOT, anytime, anywhere).

The BMOT Bounty Sale Program

BMOT Bounty Sale

The BMOT bounty sale is a program done to raise funds for the Bull Network Community, the funds raised will be used to further the development of our project, and also to provide maximum liquidity for the efficient instant trading of BMOT tokens to any other currency.

NOTE: During the presale, you can still trade (buy/sell) BMOT on, and also you can still use your BMOT token to make purchases of products or services from our partnership businesses (for example buying of hosting/domain from

Bull Network Organization

The BMOT Bounty Sale

The BMOT bounty sale will occur in 2 Phases, with different sales price

Phase 1

  • STARTS – 15th, March 2021, and
  • ENDs – 30th March 2021
  • SALE PRICE – 1BMOT = $0.08

Phase 2

  • STARTS – 1st, April 2021, and
  • ENDs – 30th April 2021
  • SALE PRICE – 1BMOT = $0.1

BMOT Token Details

  • Total supply – 1,000,000
  • Presale price – $0.08
  • Estimated January price – $100 (due to limited supply)
  • Presale accepted currency – USDT, NGN, BTC, ETH, Wave, Tron, and BNB

N/B We have a very small supply of BMOT so thereby we will presale only a little amount of approximately 50%, check our Roadmap for more details.

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How to Make More Money from the BMOT Bounty Sale

There’s always an opportunity for you to make an extra buck during our presale, and that’s what we are about to explain here. Whether an old or new investor, you can join the BMOT bounty sale and make a lot of money base on your work or impact on the project. But how?

To be able to make money from the BMOT Bounty sale, you will need to have an account on our staking portal.

Copy your referral code, and ensure your referral for the buys and stake their BMOT holding using your affiliate link or code, and you will get 7% from their total stake, while they get 50% ROI in 30days. It a win-win program.

N/B If your referrer don’t stake, you won’t get the 7%.

Good Read – A guide on how to stake BMOT.

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