First Crypto Experience: How I Got Into Crypto Through Forsage Smart Contract
First Crypto Experience

First Crypto Experience: How I Got Into Crypto Through Forsage Smart Contract

My First Crypto Experience showcases the honest crypto experiences of everyday people who use Bull Network Community. Today, we speak with Dynamic Muller, a crypto trader, and graphic designer who is an avid member of Bull Network Community. Now, he talks to us about his first experience in the crypto space, and how things have changed since then. Dive in below to read our chat! ⬇️

What’s Your Name?

Fadehan Gabriel Oluwaseyi (Nickname is Dynamic Muller)

What Do You Do; Your Skill/Job?

Crypto trading, Graphics designing, and network marketing

Where Are You From?

Ile Ife, Osun State, Nigeria.

Thanks For Letting Us Know More About You, let’s dive into the major topic of this interview; how and where did you first hear about cryptocurrency?

First heard about Cryptocurrency some years back in the year 2018 from an organization where I lived then. They distributed an ebook which I read, but it was all confusing to me then.

When You First Heard The Word “Crypto”, What Was Your Thought?

The first time I heard of it was through the Ebook I mentioned earlier and it was stated there that it’s a “Digital Currency”

Why Did You Decide to Learn More About It, What/Who Inspired You?

I decided to learn more about it when I was making profits from buying and selling Tron (TRX) during the days of the Forsage Tron smart contract. Moreover, the WhatsApp community I was in then (those we did the smart contract together) actually inspired me to learn more.

Before Now, As A Newbie In Crypto, How Did You Perceive It?

As a newbie in the Crypto space, I thought it would always be rosy.

Before Now, Did You Ever Understand That There’s A Technology Behind Cryptocurrency — “Blockchain”?


There Is This Popular Phrase Often Used In The Online Space — ” Learn Before You Earn”, Do You Understand How Crypto Work Before Making Your First Crypto Purchase Or You Bought Ignorantly?

No, I didn’t understand. I bought ignorantly

What Was The Experience/Outcome Of The Crypto Asset You Bought? 

I made profits

I Guess By Now, You Would Have Known Much About Crypto, What Is Your Current Level Of Experience And Knowledge In The Crypto Space; Intermediate/Expert?

I can’t tag myself an expert yet. I keep learning every day and moreover, I haven’t really been able to focus like I used to do before I gained admission into a higher institution. Hence, I’m still an INTERMEDIATE

You Mentioned That You Made Money From Buying And Selling Of TRX During The Era Of Smart Contract Network Marketing, Are You Still Into Buying And Selling Of Cryptocurrency? Probably A Merchant On Any Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform.

Not a merchant on any platform. Moreover, I’m no longer into buying and selling cryptocurrency. Sell at times though for my old customers if they want to buy.


When I gained admission into a higher institution, there wasn’t time for me to be online as before again.

How Did You Get To Know About Bull Network Organization?

I got to know about Bull Network Organization through Johnmiracle Ejikeme on Facebook.

What Intrigue You About Bull Network?

The quality content that was been shared.

Has Bull Network Ever Contributed To Your Experience In The Crypto Space?


What Would You Suggest For Bull Network To Improve As A Africa Crypto Marketing Agency And Also As A Crypto Community?

The community has really been doing great, can’t really think of anything for now.

How Are You Preparing To Be More Successful In The Crypto Space?

Want to widen my horizon on DeFi and NFT and master TA very well.

Thanks For Your Time So Far, What Is The Best Advice You Could Give To A Newbie In The Crypto Space?

The best advice I could give to a newbie in the Crypto space is to go for Knowledge first before thinking of earning. Moreover, he/she should have a good mentor that has already excelled in the space.