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The BMOT Token Model

bmot token model

The Bull Members Organization Token (BMOT) has a model that makes it unique, understanding the BMOT token model will give traders and investors insight on how to go about their trading and financial decisions respectively.

What is the BMOT Token Model

BMOT token is a Bep-20 token created by Bull Network Organization. At launch, 21,000,000 BMOT tokens were created and there was no initial coin offering or IDO.

The two main factors of BMOT’s financial success are scarcity and utility in the form of fee discounts and rewards.

The BMOT token is designed to fulfill various purposes and they include.

1. Bull Community Rewards

The BMOT token will be used as an incentivization for the entire Bull Network Community, and these include:

  • Payments of staffs
  • Rewards for participations/competitions
  • Community project funding
  • Scholarship programs
  • Payment option for adverts purposes in the community
  • and others

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2. Bulliscoming V2 Mining Rewards

In the mission of growing Nigeria/Africa’s largest crypto media, we have introduced a system that rewards members who interact and visit our crypto media on a daily basis. Their rewards for helping us to grow the largest crypto media is in $BMOT, that’s to say their activities earn them $BMOT.

>> More details on Bulliscoming V2

3. Bull Network Agency Payment Method

The Bull Network Agency, which is a subsidiary of Bull Network Ecosystem accepts $BMOT as its official payment method for all her services which includes.

  • Content Writing Services
  • Social Media Marketing Services
  • SEO Services
  • Blockchain Services

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4. Utility Token

The $BMOT token is designed to be a utility token for the entire Bull Network Ecosystem. Utility tokens can provide value to investors in different ways. They give users access to a future product or service.

All Bull Network Community members can opt to pay for Bull Network Services/Products in BMOT tokens. Additionally, active traders that hold a certain amount of BNB tokens will receive rewards constantly for holding.

Furthermore, members can refer new members to grant them further income and also,

To achieve scarcity, Bull Network uses shares of company profits (50%, 20% of its monthly profits to add liquidity, buyback, and destroy (“burn”) BMOT tokens up until 5 million BMOT tokens would be burned.

This deflationary supply mechanism naturally increases the value of the token.

After four years, BMOT will no longer offer media mining rewards. However, it is likely that Bull Network will find new ways to incentivize users to hold $BMOT. 

One possible direction is the expansion of Bull Network products, services, community, and partnerships.


BMOT token is one of just two digital assets that show a positive performance in 2021. Bull Network’s solid business model and the simple yet powerful token model will help BMOT to stay ahead of the competition.

As long as Bull Network maintains a profitable business, holders of BMOT are likely to see a positive price performance.

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