Bybit is one of the most reliable crypto trading platforms which was built with the passion to help crypto believers achieve their dreams and freedom.

They constantly Listen, Care, and Improve. They aim to revolutionize the industry by fusing the best of cryptocurrency and traditional finance.

Their innovative, highly advanced, user-friendly platform has been designed from the ground up using best-in-class infrastructure to provide our users with the industry’s safest, fastest, fairest, and most transparent trading experience.


Bybit endeavors to provide a professional, smart, intuitive, and innovative online trading, mining, and staking experience for retail and institutional clients around the world.

They are committed to creating a fair, transparent, and efficient exchange environment.

They bring in the best talents from the foreign exchange and investment banking industries. Their team consists of industry-leading technology developers, and financial and consumer technology experts with significant experience in innovating within the vertical.

In their quest to dive into the African market they need people from Africa who understand the underlying benefit of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, and that’s why they have us work along with their marketing, adoption, and brand awareness journey.

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