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Olatinwo Samson


Olatinwo Samson

Olatinwo Samson born in the year 2001, his a native of Oyo, Ibadan City, Nigeria.

He was intrigued by cryptocurrency/blockchain technology in early 2019 and finally came in early 2020 after understanding how the market operates, and how it could provide financial freedom.

Olatiwo’s passion for cryptocurrency became stronger every passing day as he continues to learn more about how different blockchains work.

His Mission & Vision

His mission and vision are to help other aspiring crypto traders and investors with the rights knowledge to better understanding the cryptocurrency market which in turn will serve as a motivation for him to dig deeper into the technology. He has studied a lot about the crypto market, and willing to share his expertise with other traders or even newbies, in particular those who need help in navigating the complex world of cryptocurrencies.

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