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Samson Olatinwo

Bull Publisher

samson olatinwo

Who is Samson Olatinwo

He is a crypto trader, analyst, and investor.  A publisher at Bull Is Coming ( A cryptocurrency media company) with the aim of empowering the public with the right knowledge of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency, and also helping those who need help in navigating the complex world of crypto.


Name Samson Olatinwo
Nickname Samgold
Age(2021) 20
Nationality Nigerian
State Of Origin Oyo State
Occupation Trader

Biography Of Samson Olatinwo (Samgold)

Samson Olatinwo was born on April 4th, 2001 in Ibadan, Oyo State. He’s a crypto trader, analyst, and investor. He is nicknamed Samgold. He attended Bioku Alaadun Community Secondary School in Ona-Ara Local Government, Ibadan.

Samgold hobby right from his teenagehood was pressing digital gadgets and thus he was wowed when he first discovered how to make money online by just pressing his phone with the aid of an affiliate program named NNU which was introduced to him by his friend. It was really a frustrating experience for him as he kept on infesting his time, energy, and resources on various alike investment platforms which he didn’t get what he had expected owning to his inability to distinguish legitimate online money-making platforms from Ponzi schemes.

Prior to his experience, interest, and research in making money online with his smartphone, he was able to discover and intrigued by a new but yet powerful technology which is blockchain technology lately in 2020.

This technology got his attention owning to different people achievement and their financial breakthrough in the space and which he had decided to go all-in even with no basic knowledge ( he was yet to let go of Ponzi mentality then) and to be frank he learned his lesson in a hard way with his hard-earned money, in which he didn’t make a dime but rather lose his fund until he made a decision to understand how the market operates, some important basics tips to now before investing in cryptocurrency and more advanced knowledge.

As his passion for cryptocurrency and blockchain technology became stronger every passing day, he had decided to not be only a long term investor in the crypto space thus he learned more about how different blockchain platform works and how to analyze and trade the crypto market for profit which has brae him up to be an efficient and effective cryptocurrency trader, analyst and publisher today and it’s obviously a general believe that market analysis is the foundation of professional trading strategy

Mission and Vision

His mission and vision are to help other aspiring cryptocurrency traders, and investors with his acquired knowledge to understand the market better, he wants to share his knowledge with others particularly those who need help navigating the complex world of cryptocurrency.